1. Keep it warm during the winter

10 easy ways to make your cat's life amazingCats love heat, even those that seem to have the longest and the fluffiest coat furs. They know the places with hot water pipes run, they love sleeping with the fire in front of them and they lie down near any heat source they can approach when it is chilly during the day.

There are various heat pads with low energy in the market that is available which can be placed inside the most loved bed of your cats or there is an incredible solution that I have found for this: the Thermo-kitty Heated cat bed. It is controlled by a thermostat and is activated by the presence of the cat when the room temperature is considerably low at any time. There is no other better device for this!

  1. Provide a safe place for the cat outside

10 easy ways to make your cat's life amazing

If your cat is permitted to go outside, then it’s a happy or lucky cat. You must ensure that your garden is cat-proofed to prevent escape, or you construct a stockade in which the cat can enter from the window of the house, and through an access tunnel or a flap.

  1. Provide an accessible litter box

10 easy ways to make your cat's life amazing

Several types of litter boxes can be purchased which include open, self-cleaning, low-sided, and high. Some cats prefer trays with an open top and some others prefer the trays that come with lids.

  1. Give It plenty of attention

10 easy ways to make your cat's life amazing

Many cats crave company and attention. So make sure that you always spend time with your cat, especially in the case that you have been around for a long time. Fussing about your cat, permitting its company, and having time to play with are important techniques to ensure that you stay mentally healthy.

  1. Take it for the regular health checks

10 easy ways to make your cat's life amazing

Most pet or animal insurance plans insist on annual health checks. This allows your vet to have any booster vaccines and check your general cat’s health like heart rate, teeth, and weight. These are important so that your cat stays healthy and gives it’s the greatest opportunity to having a long and happy life with you.


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